Comfort Online: Disabled aids, disability aids, elderly aids, mobility disabled

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    Electric-powered lift cushion Power-seat
    Uplift Power Seat is an electric-powered lift cushion that gently lifts and lowers users from an armchair or sofa.
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    LG 2004 BASIC - Stairlift with tracks NEW BASE MODEL
    LG2004 Basic has the same high standard safety as LG2004 without the 360° rotation. The handlebar has not folding hooks.
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    LG 2004/150/A008 Stairway Climber with Ramps
    Stairway climber with ramps for tilting multi-purpose wheelchairs and electronic wheelchairs.
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    Transfer seat for bath tub

"Comfort online Srl " is a company working in Italy and abroad in the distribution of qualitatively high products and aids for disabled people used to improve the autonomy and the daily life of disabled and elderly people.