The technical solutions used to realize these trikes have always been at the forefront and all with the goal to make folding quick and easy, to reduce the dimension of the folded vehicles to a minimum, and to reduce the weight while maintaining strength and safety.

A tricycle, if folding, has a larger possibilities of use than a normal tricycle because it can be carried in other vehicles (car, camper, boat, plane, etc) and then used away from home, on holidays, or wherever one wishes. A folding tricycle increases mobility and autonomy of people that usually ride a pedal tricycle

These tricycles are the only folding available in the market.
They are small engineering masterpieces.

 The frame (patented) includes a three-dimensional automatic folding mechanism (therefore much more complex than that for bicycles) which allows the same simple and quick folding.
Therefore these tricycles can be folded to the dimensions of a bag, in 5 seconds and with 3 simple steps, without using tools and without screwing or unscrewing any device. Once folded they can be stored almost everywhere: in the boot of the car, of the camper, etc. At home, they can be stored in a small corner.
In the same easy and quick way they return to be normal tricycles, very practical and useful for people who have difficulty riding a bicycle, or simply for people who are looking for a different way of cycling.
Two models of tricycles are available:

  • The mod. R32, fits 20" (48 cm) diameter tyres and a very low front frame (only 19 cm from the ground) which makes easy to get on it.
  • The mod. R34 fits the same frame than that of mod. R32 but it is equipped also with an auxiliary electric motor which allows to pedal without efforts when going uphill, with contrary wind, ecc.

All specifications are published in the "Specifications" page.

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    Folding Trike Mod. R32
    Folding Trike Mod. R32-The only folding tricycle with pedals available on the market. Thanks to an ingenious patented frame, it can be folded in 5 seconds in three simple steps. The folded bicycle fits almost anywhere: in the boot of a car, in a camper va
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